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Welcome to - pziecina.com.

concept - 1 a general idea that corresponds to some class of entities and consists of the essential features of the class. 2 created to demonstrate the technical skills and / or imagination of the designer, and not for mass production or sale.

I am a web designer / developer based in the north-west of england. Having reached that certain age where I can decide if I wish to take on a project I now find that I have much more time to spend on the things that matter when I do so. For one thing I will NOT take on a project that does not interest me in some way, (I will even do some projects on a cost only basis, if I think More...

What will you find here?

This site is purely for me, and will probably always be a 'work-in-progress'.

You are free to browse through its content at your leisure.
Should you wish to comment please feel free to do so.

The web design and development section is done using ajax, however I have created a none ajax version for those who prefer not to use ajax - Click for none Ajax version of Web design / Development.

Copyright etc - This can be found in the old portfolio section of the site.

As I work from home, no address or telephone contact details are provided via this site.
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